Round Stamp Style Logo of Yaralla Pastoral Farm with a vintage tractor in the middle

Our History

The Adams Family property has a strong pioneering history in the Woogenellup district spanning 100 years. After returning from active service in World War 1, John Colin Adams took up the original 1800 acres of Yaralla in 1920. In the same year John married Maude Amelia Baker and built a stone cottage on the property for his new bride.

The hard work and sacrifice of John and Amelia laid the foundations for the second, third and fourth generations of the Adams family, who live and work on Yaralla today.

About us

Yaralla Pastoral Co. is a family owned and operated grain and sheep farm on the southern boundary of the beautiful Stirling Range National Park, in the great southern of Western Australia.

The family strive to profitably grow quality high yielding crops, while protecting and improving the available natural resources, and are amongst industry leaders in the innovative and sustainable production of grain in the region.


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